(PAODY Patty Brand temporary text ) , was born in Japan , is a Japanese skin experts will use cutting-edge technology to the development of skin care products in the perfect crystal , is very popular in Japan, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Korea and China, skin care brand. In 2003 , SK-II will be blown red wine whirlwind Europe , selling in the UK and other places.年初2004, SK-II in the myth of the American continent crystal clear writing , authorize the counters in the first 11 of America's most high-end luxury stores Sakes Fifth Avenue in official business, opened only five weeks to enter the ranks of high-end skin care products sales before 5 . So far , SK-II annual global sales of over 500 million U.S. dollars, in over 10 markets worldwide users with quality products and professional skin care advice for love. As a world-renowned high-end skincare brand , SK-II has won the gold medal , " Reader's Digest " selection of skin care field , white gold, "the most respected brand of Yahoo users " and so on . It is particularly relevant for Asian women's skin characteristics, attracting a large number of loyal users. SK-II has a minimalist style, elegance and first-class quality known , and its red wine -based packaging is impressive.

Since 1980 launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the first skin care products so far , SK-II has become the most advanced technology combined with the natural essence of skin care products to pioneer the introduction of many groundbreaking products such as skin care facial mask , skin care cream Lotion , Firming cream and so on. In recent years , SK-II Whitening Mask launched , Facial Lift Emulsion and other products more in Japan, Taiwan , Hong Kong and the mainland of the Year award-winning skincare times.

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